The Benefits of Kratom: Nature’s Miracle Plant

Kratom is claimed to have a wide range of benefits. They include the following: –

  • It has analgesic properties hence useful in relieving pain
  • It reduces the anxiety
  • It is a useful immune booster.
  • Improves the sexual function
  • Promotes energy among the users
  • It is useful in the management of addiction
  • Reduces the levels of blood sugar, therefore, important in the treatment and management of diabetes

Kratom’s Drug Interactions

Combining kratom with other drugs does not have an important physiological effect most of the time. Harmful kratom drug interactions may occur. For safety reasons, the consumer should be aware of these drug interactions. Some of the drug interactions include the following: –

 Combining kratom with prescription opiates

Just like kratom, opiates have a sedating property. Combining the two should, therefore, be avoided as this leads to over-sedation. Respiratory depression can occur as a result

 Kratom and Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors (MAOIs)

These are a class of drugs that metabolize monoamine compounds. They inhibit monoamine oxidases, the enzymes found in the stomach. Therefore, Kratom should not be combined with Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors.

This is a great link on Kratom’s controversy.

Kratom and stimulants

Stimulants should not be combined with kratom. The stimulants further increase the level of stimulation provided by the kratom causing effects such as anxiety, palpitations, sweating, and agitation.

  Kratom and depressants

Combining them with kratom promotes synergy. More sedation and respiratory depression can occur as a result.

   Kratom and psychedelics

The combination can cause many unwanted side effects due to the increased stimulatory properties beyond the threshold. The increased anxiety and mental block are some of the side effects.

Kratom and marijuana

A significant synergy occurs after the combination. Side effects such as stomach upsets and headache rarely occur. Such combination has been shown to promote relaxation and one’s energy.

Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) Mitragynine. Drugs and Narcotics


 Kratom and alcohol

Some individuals suggest that the combination brings about more prolonged and intense effect.  On the other hand, others suggest that they experience side effects when they combine kratom and alcohol. Such harmful side effects include nausea, headache, and hangover.

Adverse effects of kratom

Despite its benefits, various adverse effects are evident. They are grouped into either short-term or term effects.

Short-term effects

  • Sweating
  • Constipation
  • Dizziness
  • Constriction of the pupil
  • Fluctuation of the body’s temperature
  • Itching
  • Nausea and vomiting

Long-term effects

They are associated with the frequent use of large doses of kratom. Some are fatal, therefore, life-threatening. They include the following: –

  • Hyperpigmentation of the skin
  • Psychosis
  • Respiratory depression
  • Addiction and tolerance
  • Loss of appetite and weight

Take away

Kratom is a very important plant as the benefits suggest. It has analgesic properties, can be used to treat some cancers, essential in the management of diabetes, and many other benefits. To incorporate it as an essential product in the field of medicine more studies and research need to be conducted. The standard kratom’s therapeutic range has not been formulated. This poses a major challenge as users are prone to overdosing and under-dosing. Realizing its benefits is rare when the substance is under-dosed. On the other hand, life-threating side effects may result when kratom is used in high doses. Kratom is also prone to interactions, one is, therefore, advised to avoid combining with other drugs.

Growing kratom

Kratom is associated with a lot of benefits, hence the increased urge to grow it. Growing kratom at home also has no legal implication. However, the process poses a significant challenge as the plant is environment specific. The seeds lose viability very easily suggesting meager germination rate. The available cuttings do not produce good roots and are very prone to infections. All these challenges sometimes make growing Kratom an enormous challenge. Despite all this, the following tips will enable one to undertake the process of growing it successfully. First, why would anyone want to grow Kratom plants in the first place?

Benefits of kratom is another great resource for seeing these benefits of Mitragyna Speciosa. Among some of the benefits of kratom include the following:

  • It is used to relieve pain.
  • It is effective in boosting one’s energy.
  • It improves both the mental and cognitive functions.
  • Bring about euphoric effects.
  • It improves one’s focus and drives.



This a significant factor to consider. Seeds are the most preferred while propagating the plant. Kratom seeds are, however, known to lose viability easily after a short time. Most of the seeds ordered online rarely sprout and tend to dry out. The ones that survive, on the other hand, have a low content of the alkaloids hence poor kratom quality. It is, therefore, advisable to purchase fresh seeds from the reputable online vendors. The seeds should also be in large number to increase the chances of germination.


Kratom plant can also be generated from the cuttings. However, the cuttings are the best thus the seeds are preferred. Cuttings are very vulnerable to infections that can make the plant to dry completely. Infections also lower the quality of alkaloids in the leaves. It is claimed that the cuttings do not produce proper roots as compared to seeds. The kratom plants emerging from cuttings most of the time do not grow straight. This makes the plant to be curvy hence weird.


This is also another critical factor. The soil should be fertile and have a lot of hummus. Its drainage should be good. It is recommended that at the initial stages of germination, the soil should be kept continually moist. Flooding, however, should be avoided at all cost. The soil should be kept clean away from fungus. The seedlings are very susceptible to fungal destruction. The soil should also have an adequate Ph for optimal growth. It should lie between 5.5 and 6.5, and this allows proper absorption of nutrients by the kratom plant.





CBD From Bluebird Botanicals (For Gifted Children)

The science of medicine hasn’t always been a perfect one. There have been a lot of breakthroughs throughout the years and not everything is set in stone. New discoveries can render old practices obsolete and establish new sets of standards. Even in the way people are treated, some traditional medicines may end up mainstream once it is proven that it has scientifically-backed health benefits that can not only improve the human health but even put an end to certain diseases and ailments. This is how the story of medical cannabis or CBD unfolds. From a once highly-stigmatized plant to a widely-acclaimed medical wonder, there are countless CBD-rich products that now dominate the market as the industry itself is now a billion-dollar investment.

Bluebird Botanicals
One of the many promising companies that are rooted in cannabis is Bluebird Botanicals. The company itself takes pride in producing hemp-made cannabis with care and that’s become the motto of the company. They sell a wide-range of CBD products such as extracts, concentrated extracts, isolates, vapes, capsules, pet products, and even hemp clothing. You can buy just for yourself or for wholesale and you’ll surely find a product that works for you and meets your needs. Gifted children everywhere are adopting this remedy to improve their own scores at school and do other things as well.

Why Use CBD-Rich Products?
You’ve probably heard so much CBD by now it has probably changed the way you think about cannabis. And it started with calling it cannabis instead of marijuana or slangs like Mary Jane. The NFGCC is getting involved so that gifted youth may benefit and children everywhere can have improved lives because of CBD oil.

For the longest time, we’ve only heard about the nasty things marijuana is capable of doing all this time failing to see that a lot of good can actually come out of it. But that was back then when the marijuana the public knows is mainly loaded with THC. Short for delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol, THC is habit-forming and makes you do all sorts of crazy things as it has psychoactive properties.

NFGCC’s Mission Statement

Gifted and Creative Children and their special needs

There are many issues to face when raising gifted and creative children, supporting their needs within their home environment can be challenging enough, but the support network has to extend out and their educational needs also need to be addressed. Whether a child is gifted due to having significantly high intelligence, or due to a disability either or of these needs should be addressed by the education board and provisions put in place to educate these children to the best of their ability.

Special education classes are often offered by schools to help a child having difficulty in reading and writing, and learning in a one on one environment is offered to a child. The aim of the school and the education board is that the child receives as much help as possible in order that the child in question reaches their full potential in school, to enable them to progress into adulthood, work and further education with little in the way of issues surrounding their ability.

Children who are gifted and attending primary school often have a support teacher who is specifically put in place to help a certain child, with not only reading and writing but with all aspects of school life, these often include teaching a child how to behave in play and at dinner time.

There are some children who have disabilities such as blindness that are offered places in mainstream school alongside sighted children, they work within a normal classroom environment, the only difference is that they are using brail machines and the other children are using paper and pens. Children with Downs Syndrome are now also educated in mainstream school, with special needs teachers on hand to help with any problems faced.

A disability is not always visible to the eye though and there are many children who have special needs, and need help with school work and often life in general. There are many support networks which help gifted and creative children and their special needs. These support networks not only help the children but help the parents to support often challenging times with a gifted child.
There are many websites and information centres which offer help and guidance to parents and teachers who have to support children with special needs. These can be found by looking up gifted and creative children as a search on the internet.