Should You Buy CBD Oil In Canada? (Pure Hemp Botanicals Review)


Canadians absolutely love CBD products which they are buying a lot of.

Cannabidiol products have gained popularity over the recent. This is because the organic CBD is extracted from marijuana or Hemp plants. In most states cannabis is illegal, and that is why people are skeptical whether the CBD is illegal or not. Scientists have done different research to find out the parts of marijuana and hemp plant produces the chemical compound that has medical properties.

CBD is a great way to improve your health conditions and you can buy it easily in Canada.

Canadians have been buying CBD oil for a long time online.

CBD is an absolute wonder drug which is safe, legal and will help with over 50 medical conditions. Our bodies have the cannabinoid system which with the help of receptors help absorb CBD oil in the body. The best part about CBD is unlike many pharmaceutical and opioid-based drugs. There is no negative side effect of CBD. Despite being related to the same plant from which marijuana comes, the CBD oil comes from hemp, the non-intoxicating version of cannabis. For this reason, CBD oils are perfectly legal in every state with or without a prescription.

About Pure Hemp Botanicals.

Pure Hemp Botanicals is a Colorado-based company that makes tinctures, vape kits, soft gels, mints and concentrate crystals. All of their products consist of organic ingredients, and the tea contains pure hemp with no additional ingredients.

Pure Hemp Botanicals CBD Tincture is very light in color. The oil gets its translucent with a light shade gold color because the oil undergoes a lot of processing and filtration.  We are not sure how the hemp is obtained, but the company states that the manufacturing process is proprietary.

The taste of Pure Hemp Botanical CBD oil is distinct. It is heavy and somewhat tart, CBD oils struggle to taste appealing so that consumers can look forward to consuming the products. Pure CBD oil can often taste leafy. Pure Hemp Botanicals CBD tincture has a characteristic taste. It is much lighter and easier to swallow. This is a change from the many heavy-tasting oils on the market today.

Pure Hemp Botanicals Products.

Pure Hemp Botanicals manufactures four different level of strength doses for their tinctures. They include:

  • Introductory (300mg).
  • Maintenance (750mg).
  • Extra strength (1500mg).
  • Max strength (3000mg).

The introductory and maintenance levels provide a wellness boost while the extra strength dose is ideal for increasing activity levels and supporting health conditions.

Pure Hemp Botanicals provide broad and innovative products. Below is a list showing the various products and prices.

Product. Content. Price in $
Pure CBD oil tincture 300mg 34.95
Pure Hemp CBD oil capsules 300mg 34.95
Pure Hemp CBD oil capsules 750mg 74.95
Crystalline frost pure CBD concentrate crystals 1 gram 39.95
Pure CBD oil tincture 750mg 74.95
Crystalline frost pure CBD concentrate crystals 500mg 29.95
Crystalline frost pure CBD concentrate crystals 250mg 19.95


CBD Vape Juice.

Pure Hemp Botanicals most popular product is the CBD vape juice. It is used as an additive. It can also be added to an e-liquid in an e-cig or an atomizer for vaping. It comes in doses of 1,000mg priced at $79.95 or 2,000mg priced at $144.95.

CBD Infused Tea.

Herbal teas provide a spectrum of plant terpenes mixed with CBD and Hemp leaves. Each tea bag contains at least 30% organically grown Hemp. A tin of eight bags costs $24.00.

CBD Vape Kit.   

Pure Hemp Botanicals have the vaping kit for those who prefer to vape to oral consumption. 1-2 puffs a day should be enough to prevent overdosing.

How to Use Pure Hemp Botanicals.

Cannabidiol is effective when taken orally. The dosage should not exceed what has been prescribed unless told otherwise.

Vape juices are easy to use. You use a dropper to place the oil drops under the tongue before swallowing. For CBD infused tea, pick flavors like apple hibiscus, lemongrass spearmint, chamomile lavender, ginger turmeric, peppermint matte or pure Hemp and add relaxing and refreshing hot CBD tea to your daily routine.

Possible side effects.

  • Dry mouth.
  • Lightheadedness.
  • Drowsiness.

cbd oil

So far, no side effects have been recorded after using the CBD oil, but Pure Hemp Botanicals discourages pregnant and lactating mothers from using CBD oil. The company does not sell their products to people below 18 years.

Why Use Pure Hemp Botanicals CBD Oil?

  • Pure Hemp Botanicals have many product options and at reasonable prices.
  • All the ingredients used by Pure Hemp Botanical are natural.
  • All their company products are effective as long as they administered in the right dosage.
  • Pure Hemp Botanicals have good flavors convenient for people who are sensitive.
  • All their products are easy to use such as capsules that you swallow.
  • Pure Hemp Botanicals CBD oils are third-party verified to ensure quality.

Customer Service Provided.

  • Pure Hemp Botanicals is committed to giving back. One percent of the proceeds from all purchases go to the non-profit Mercy for Animals (MFA). Mercy for animals is dedicated to promoting compassionate food choice and bringing an end to cruel animal farming. Pure Hemp Botanicals mission aligns with the work that MFA does with both organizations believing that we can nature our minds and bodies with wholesome foods without harming animals or our planet.
  • Pure Hemp Botanicals 20% off sitewide sale for the month of September 2017 benefits the suicide prevention hotline.
  • Pure Hemp Botanicals ships to all 50 states and 40+ countries. You can also save over 20% on their products by signing up for their monthly subscription service through Amazon.
  • Orders made over $75.00 qualify for free shipping.
  • Pure Hemp Botanical has an open return policy.
  • Pure Hemp Botanical products come with a white sticker labeled with a batch number that a customer uses to look up the lab results for that product on the company’s website.

Final Thoughts.

Pure Hemp Botanicals carry out third-party testing to ensure the products quality is maintained. This shows that the company stands behind their products and is willing to be transparent with their customer.

Pure Hemp Botanicals makes an array of products, including tea, pet products, and soft gels. It is such a good thing that Pure Hemp Botanicals are people and animal minded other than being profit minded. Pure Hemp Botanicals is a company with options for everyone.