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NGFCC’s Purpose

The National Foundation For Gifted and Creative Children is on a mission to help all kids across the world achieve their potential.

creative child on bench

Unfortunately, gifted children have been mistreated all too often.

All too often these children are given toxic drugs like Ritalin instead of the proper remedies that are natural and softer on the system.

Many of these gifted youth also experience classroom problems that could easily be remedies by removing them from the situation.

CBD From Bluebird Botanicals

The science of medicine hasn’t always been a perfect one. There have been a lot of breakthroughs throughout the years and not everything is set in stone. New discoveries can render old practices obsolete and establish new sets of standards. Even in the way people are treated, some traditional medicines may end up mainstream once it is proven that it has scientifically-backed health benefits that can not only improve the human health but even put an end to certain diseases and ailments. This is how the story of medical cannabis or CBD unfolds. From a once highly-stigmatized plant to a widely-acclaimed medical wonder, there are countless CBD-rich products that now dominate the market as the industry itself is now a billion-dollar investment.

Bluebird Botanicals
One of the many promising companies that are rooted in cannabis is Bluebird Botanicals. The company itself takes pride in producing hemp-made cannabis with care and that’s become the motto of the company. They sell a wide-range of CBD products such as extracts, concentrated extracts, isolates, vapes, capsules, pet products, and even hemp clothing. You can buy just for yourself or for wholesale and you’ll surely find a product that works for you and meets your needs. Gifted children everywhere are adopting this remedy to improve their own scores at school and do other things as well.

Why Use CBD-Rich Products?
You’ve probably heard so much CBD by now it has probably changed the way you think about cannabis. And it started with calling it cannabis instead of marijuana or slangs like Mary Jane. The NFGCC is getting involved so that gifted youth may benefit and children everywhere can have improved lives because of CBD oil.

For the longest time, we’ve only heard about the nasty things marijuana is capable of doing all this time failing to see that a lot of good can actually come out of it. But that was back then when the marijuana the public knows is mainly loaded with THC. Short for delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol, THC is habit-forming and makes you do all sorts of crazy things as it has psychoactive properties.