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NGFCC’s Purpose

The National Foundation For Gifted and Creative Children is on a mission to help all kids across the world achieve their potential.

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Unfortunately, gifted children have been mistreated all too often.

We believe in the healing power of natural supplements like Kratom, CBD oil, and hemp extracts to help children repair their bodies and brains.

All too often these children are given toxic drugs like Ritalin instead of the proper remedies that are natural and softer on the system.

There is also a useful substance known as Modafinil which is generally regarded as much better than Ritalin.

Many of these gifted youth also experience classroom problems that could easily be remedies by removing them from the situation.

NFGCC’s Mission Statement

Gifted and Creative Children and their special needs

There are many issues to face when raising gifted and creative children, supporting their needs within their home environment can be challenging enough, but the support network has to extend out and their educational needs also need to be addressed. Whether a child is gifted due to having significantly high intelligence, or due to a disability either or of these needs should be addressed by the education board and provisions put in place to educate these children to the best of their ability.

Special education classes are often offered by schools to help a child having difficulty in reading and writing, and learning in a one on one environment is offered to a child. The aim of the school and the education board is that the child receives as much help as possible in order that the child in question reaches their full potential in school, to enable them to progress into adulthood, work and further education with little in the way of issues surrounding their ability.

Children who are gifted and attending primary school often have a support teacher who is specifically put in place to help a certain child, with not only reading and writing but with all aspects of school life, these often include teaching a child how to behave in play and at dinner time.

There are some children who have disabilities such as blindness that are offered places in mainstream school alongside sighted children, they work within a normal classroom environment, the only difference is that they are using brail machines and the other children are using paper and pens. Children with Downs Syndrome are now also educated in mainstream school, with special needs teachers on hand to help with any problems faced.

A disability is not always visible to the eye though and there are many children who have special needs, and need help with school work and often life in general. There are many support networks which help gifted and creative children and their special needs. These support networks not only help the children but help the parents to support often challenging times with a gifted child.
There are many websites and information centres which offer help and guidance to parents and teachers who have to support children with special needs. These can be found by looking up gifted and creative children as a search on the internet.